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Green Monster Fishing Light
The Green Monster Fishing Lights are very economical - costing only a couple of dollars a month. Many neighborhood covenants do not allow above water dock lighting due to the blinding light they produce. Because The Green Monster is lit underwater, it meets the strictest neighborhood covenants for outdoor lighting. The Green Monster is neighbor friendly because the light is focused underwater, which allows as much as 75% more effective lighting. Above water lighting attracts unwanted insects, creating a problem with pests, but with the Green Monster's unique underwater light, unwanted bugs aren't a problem. The adjustable weight allows the operator to change the depth of the light in conjuction with variable water conditions. Although primarily designed for fishing, The Green Monster delights night swimmers, passing boaters, and dock visitors. It not only offers a great view for its owners, but also creates a great atmosphere for outdoor parties. The Green Monster Lights are found in marinas, waterfront restaurants, and home owners with large koi or fish ponds.

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